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Weird Scenes Week 78 (7/16/20): A wink and a smile with a fist to follow: the Good Ol’ Southern Charm of Burt Reynolds

Weird Scenes Week 78 (7/16/20): A wink and a smile with a fist to follow: the Good Ol’ Southern Charm of Burt Reynolds

July 16, 2020

Like him or not, Burt Reynolds left a formative decade in cowboy films and television to become one of the biggest box office draws (and objects of female lust) of the 70’s.

With a nearly unbroken string of box office smashes, he showed up in everything from Woody Allen and Mel Brooks comedies to sports melodrama, from movies built entirely around his down home good ol’ boy charm, often in connection with his good friend and former stunt double cum director Hal Needham (White Lightning, Gator, Smokey and the Bandit) to weird ‘stretch’ things like the musical At Long Last Love or Robert Aldrich’s odd neo-noir Hustle (with arthouse fave Catherine Deneuve, no less!)

Kicking off the 80’s still in full swing, he kept on with Smokey and the Bandit and Cannonball Run films and similar fare like Stroker Ace, Hooper and the film adaptation of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (with Dolly Parton) before making yet another career switch into a sort of grumpy old man Dirty Harry/Paul Kersey lite in films like Sharky’s Machine, Stick, Heat, Malone and Physical Evidence, finally settling into sporadic television cameos thereafter.

And we didn’t even mention his naked centerfold and very public affair with aging swing chanteuse cum talk show host Dinah Shore…

Join us tonight as we discuss the true force of nature, who wiped a grand swathe across the cinematic landscape of two whole decades(!) – the one, the only, Burt Reynolds.

Week 78: A wink and a smile with a fist to follow: the Good Ol' Southern Charm of Burt Reynolds (@weirdscenes1)

Weird Scenes Week Zero Plus One: Coronavirus Update

Weird Scenes Week Zero Plus One: Coronavirus Update

May 16, 2020

Geez, a month and a half and still no word from the Weird Scenes front?

Well, you know us, we can't just leave our faithful fans and fearless followers hanging like that!

So driving at high speed on ice and flying by the seat of our pants without a harness, here we come again, without even the slightest of background notes, structure or plan, pulling an old school At Eye Level style podcast, 100% improv!

Of course, we'll be talking the State of the (Dis)Union and the lay of the land as we see, live and experience it, what our latest music obsessions are, and what we've been up to in (more or less) solitary confinement, as you wait with baited breath for that damn Burt Reynolds show (it's coming, Jimmy!  The Bus is Coming!)

Join us for an ongoing apocalypse chat, when we're all yearning for that cool postapocalyptic world all those cheesy 80's SF films from Italy and late night cable promised us...hell, I'd settle for the zombie apocalypse!  Head shot, motherfucker! Time to pull out the axe...

...oh, well.  I guess we'll have to settle for wearing uncomfortable masks and not being able to hang with your friends or shop like a normal human being.  Kinda lame for an apocalypse, ain't it?

Week Zero Plus One: Yet another missive from behind enemy lines from the battle hardened mercenary elite at Weird Scenes inside the Goldmine! (@weirdscenes1)

Weird Scenes 3/31/20 Week Zero Corona Special

Weird Scenes 3/31/20 Week Zero Corona Special

March 30, 2020

And now for something completely different...

With the ever worsening community spread and resulting hibernation lockdown were all facing globally, business as usual is proving to be decidedly unusual...if not pretty much impossible.  

Don't worry, though, we're not going anywhere...and in the meantime, we've pulled together this missive from the bunker, a transmission from our underground cavern fortress at the end of the world as we knew it.  And because it's us, you know we can't take all of this shit too seriously: or as Valeria said to Conan, "two fools who laugh at death."

After a chat about our respective experiences in the year of, corona, we get into the status on our Season 10 opener, what we've been viewing and immersing ourselves in musically during the siege, and chat about recent podcast appearances and what's been going on over at Third Eye...with plenty of laughs and nuggets of wisdom scattered throughout like jewels in Smaug's mountain cavern.

We'll leave the last word to Sandahl Bergman, in her defining film role:

"Do you know what horrors await within?  Then you go first!"

Week Zero: Report from the survivalists at Weird Scenes inside the Goldmine! (@weirdscenes1)

Weird Scenes 3/12/20: Calling All Browncoats!

Weird Scenes 3/12/20: Calling All Browncoats!

March 12, 2020

Back at the dawn of the millenium, still riding high and flush with the runaway success of Buffy (and to a lesser extent, its weird spinoff Angel) and not long before his foray into comics as writer of one of the bigger X-Men titles, Joss Whedon struck gold of a sort with perhaps the most viral and notable of his fan favorites: Firefly.

While having a decidedly troubled history with the network (who aired episodes out of order and with long breaks, before taking the series off air without even showing all the material filmed (!), Whedon's quirky take on a self-made 'family' of misfits in a postapocalyptic feeling sci-fi/western struck all the right notes, from excellent casting to strong writing and memorable performances, even managing to pull in a few notable cult guest stars during its brief run.

With a vocal fanbase chomping at the bit for the series' return and strong sales of the DVD releases, Whedon was able to convince an unrelated major studio to fund what should have brought proper closure to the abbreviated TV series and its many hanging plotlines...but which failed miserably at that very task, pulling off into some very odd, dark directions and suffering from worse looking CG than the series that preceded it.

Some of the cast would continue on in Whedon's other works (from a still ongoing Buffy and Angel to Dr. Horrible) and either hail from or move on to sporadic work in other cult series (The Guild, Doom Patrol, Alias, Cleopatra 2025, V, Stargate Atlantis, Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Magicians, Gotham). One would even memorably grace a major comic book film (Deadpool). But most would wind up in the comparative oblivion of cartoon voice over work, leaving this one series as their collective high point of creativity and notability.

So all you Browncoats, dust off your battle jackets and join us, as we delve as deeply as we dare into the dusty, lawless frontiers of the outer galaxy, with the fractious, crew of the Firefly class Sirenity, only here on Weird Scenes!

Week 77: Calling All Browncoats! (@weirdscenes1)

Week 94 (Sun. Feb. 9) - Doro Pesch of Warlock and Doro

Week 94 (Sun. Feb. 9) - Doro Pesch of Warlock and Doro

February 9, 2020

This Sunday, February 9, join us for Week 94 of Third Eye Cinema with the living legend herself, Doro Pesch!

Surviving a near fatal bout with illness, she decided at the ripe old age of 16 that she would devote her remaining years to music...a choice she never relented on, even in the darkest days of grunge.

Releasing four classic albums with the band Warlock and steering that ship through label shifts, lineup changes and demands to lighten the sound and image to a more 'pop' 'radio friendly' approach, she kept things rolling through an enforced band name change, the infamously heavy producer's hand of none other than Gene Simmons and a decade or more where her albums were both unreleased and unavailable here in the States, still releasing quality records and touring Europe.

As a result, she weathered the storms that took down nearly an entire genre of bands and careers, to find herself a much sought after guest vocalist and noted as an inspiration to hard rock and metal frontwomen across many subgenres and around the globe, garnering much acclaim and still working a busy recording and touring schedule after all these years!

So join us as we squeeze as much friendly chat and amusing anecdotes as we can out of her busy schedule, when we welcome the loveliest of valkyries and most diehard of metallers, the inimitable Doro Pesch of Warlock and Doro, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 94 (Sun. Feb. 9) - Doro Pesch of Warlock and Doro
Twitter: @thirdeyecinema

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