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Week 95 (10/17/21) - Show-Ya (and special guest)

Week 95 (10/17/21) - Show-Ya (and special guest)

October 17, 2021

This week, join us as we speak to pioneering all-femme Japanese hard rock/heavy metal band Show-Ya!

Dropping no less than 8 solid albums of smooth yet punchy keyboard and guitar driven hard rock leaning ever more towards metal between 1985 and 1990, bluesy frontwoman Keiko Terada and "the three Mikis" ("Captain" Nakamura, "Sun-Go" Igarashi and "Mittan" Tsunoda) alongside Satomi Senba on bass were so well beloved as to be tapped for a major Coca Cola campaign in the days when rock and metal were still considered "scary" persona non grata to mainstream society.

Over the course of a mere 5 years, the unusually prolific band subtly shifted style from their very anime style early sound to something more akin to American metal and even a bit of the Hollywood Guns N Roses sound (on the English lyriced songs of Hard Way) before Terada departed for a successful solo career.

Soldiering on for two further releases with fellow J-rock maiden Steffanie (Borges) and the punkier Yoshino, Show-Ya finally closed up shop in the 90's.

But a 20th reunion tour of the original lineup in 2005 led to renewed interest in the band, inclusive of two successive sets of remasters (the latter with bonus tracks like the aforementioned Coke commercial, surprisingly catchy tune that it is), and by 2012 they were back in studio, releasing material that sounded surprisingly like their mid 80s heyday, and even an all covers album that features their takes on hits from nearly every great J-rock and J-metal band of the 80's and 90's, from Luna Sea, X and Kyosuke Himuro's Boowy to Loudness, Earthshaker, Glay and L'Arc en Ciel.

Now partnering with Blizard's Nozumu Wakai as songwriting partner and producer, they've released an album that simultaneously sounds familiar and uniquely new in Showdown, which gets international release through Metalville this coming month.

Join us as we have a brief if entertaining and decidedly good humored chat with Keiko Terada and "Captain" Miki Nakamura (plus surprise guest Mirai Kawashima of Sigh, of all people!) only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 96: Show-Ya
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Weird Scenes Week 82 - Ridin’ the Rails with Rob: the unflappable cool of Robert Mitchum

Weird Scenes Week 82 - Ridin’ the Rails with Rob: the unflappable cool of Robert Mitchum

August 26, 2021

Starring in at least 12 films that are or have been associated with the Film Noir genre (a retroactive designation courtesy of France’s Cahiers du Cinema crowd covering American B pictures with cynical, compromised heroes, vicious femme fatales and a gialloesque immersion in a dark underworld where all is not as it seems and everyone is guilty and menacing), Robert Mitchum brought a less comical, far less telegraphed Dean Martin style insouciance to his work.  

Tall and manly enough to stand his own in a fight, yet sleepy eyed and laid back enough to be led along by the nose to his doom by the many vamps and tramps he’d encounter, much of his onscreen persona appears to have been presaged by his own life.

The son of a working class dock worker and railroad man, he wound up living under a resented military stepfather to the point where he wound up riding the rails and bumming his way around the country in his early teens, supposedly winding up (and escaping!) Sullivans Travels style on a southern jailhouse chain gang for his efforts.

An early advocate of the wacky weed, he wound up in prison for a second time over pot possession right in the middle of his noir career, threw a studio manager into a lake (literally) and more, in a career which at times found him working alongside two of the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes girls (Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell) and eventually starring in two much overhyped films late in the genre, Night of the Hunter and Cape Fear.  He’d then return to prominence over a decade later with three notable films in the 70’s neo noir revival before closing out on then much hyped television miniseries The Winds of War...and that stupid Bill Murray vehicle Scrooged (oy, what a way to go!)

Join us tonight as we speak of another cinematic epitome of tough guy cool, the one and only Robert MItchum, right here on Weird Scenes!

Week 82: Ridin' the Rails with Rob - the unflappable cool of Robert Mitchum (@weirdscenes1)

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Weird Scenes Week 81 - Tony Curtis

Weird Scenes Week 81 - Tony Curtis

June 10, 2021

Born in abject poverty to a Hungarian immigrant tailor, a young Bernie Schwartz learned one of life's most important lessons at a tender age: you can't rely on anyone but yourself.  

Making his way through adversities of language, impoverishment, deaths of loved ones and even a stint in an orphanage, he turned things around after service in the military, using the G.I. Bill to fund his attendance in acting school.  One quick change of name, and straight out of some absurd Horatio Alger story, he wound up fast tracked to Hollywood and fame.

Following a run of big budget historical epics, he found a niche in fluffy, sexless comedies, somewhere between the goofy antics of Martin and Lewis and the pillow talk of Rock Hudson and Doris Day.  Young, handsome and affable, he became a darling of the teenage fanclub set, to the point where he even spoofed himself on an episode of the Flintstones, voicing a thinly veiled cartoon analogue.  
Falling on hard times and still striving for stretch roles outside this typecast safe zone, he wound up shaking the tree in extremis with a dramatization of early serial killer Albert DeSalvo, finding himself critically acclaimed...but seemingly unable to  land further roles of note.  Struggling with drug use, he still managed to bring a unique character and often riveting if decidedly off kilter sensibility to films as diverse and often absurd as The Bad News Bears Go to Japan, The Manitou and the Mae West oddity Sextette.

Turning increasingly to television in his later years, he used a sleazy Hollywood gossip show as a platform to share some wholly unrelated memories of his past career, drumming up enough interest to publish a successful autobiography and launch a late sideline in painting, before taking one last truly bizarre turn at the very end of his life...

Join us tonight as we speak to the quirky, often questionable but undeniably loveable Tony Curtis, only here on Weird Scenes!

Week 81: Bronx Boy Breaks Box Office - the unusual tale of Tony Curtis (@weirdscenes1)

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Weird Scenes 4/5/21: Zero Minus One – Resurrection Revival Meeting Grab Bag (Coronavirus One Year On)

Weird Scenes 4/5/21: Zero Minus One – Resurrection Revival Meeting Grab Bag (Coronavirus One Year On)

April 8, 2021

While you were all out busy churchin' and pretending to be all religious and whatnot and dragging the brats to creepy furries in bunny suits at cheesy smalltown egg hunts, the Maven of Sleaze and yours truly were havin' us a meetin'!  Hallelujah!

With all the tentside revival of an ersatz campside clergy, two dark but loveable souls convened to chat about this and that, waxing poetic and pontificating polemics in regards to everything from vinyl vs. CDs, prog rock, gothic rock, Dennis Wheatley vs. his Hammer adaptations, the state of The State, the pandemic and vaccination, Columbo, Kolchak and Quinn Martin productions like The Invaders, Dan August and Cannon...and plenty more besides!

As we work our way towards the Tony Curtis podcast, enjoy another impromptu chat, with all the divergences and tangenital side debates and discussions you love us for, only here on Weird Scenes! (@weirdscenes1) 4s8QkoE6PnAfh65C5on5ZS?nd=1

Weird Scenes Week 80 - Donald Pleasance Week 2: Final Stage

Weird Scenes Week 80 - Donald Pleasance Week 2: Final Stage

February 25, 2021

A former railway clerk and wireless operator for the RAF, he came out of WWII to build a career as a manically nervous, occasionally imperious and often downright perverse character actor in a stunning range of film and television appearances across any number of genres.  In fact, he's done so much work, he could almost be compared to Jess Franco with nearly 250 credits to his name...!

Join us as we pick out a number of favorites and a few odd surprises along the way, as we touch on everything from arthouse to war and comedy to horror, only here on Weird Scenes!

Tonight, it's the dayglo 80's, and as Donald moves into the twilight of his career, he turns up in any number of cult oddities, from Italian horror to slasher films, Uli Lommel, the Pumaman and much, much more…

Week 80 - Donald Pleasance: Final Stage (@weirdscenes1)

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