Third Eye Cinema / Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine podcast

At Eye Level 2/6/17: Mystery of the Missing Cohost - Future is Now!

February 6, 2017

In a baffling conundrum suitable for Miller & Liu's Holmes and Watson, upon the approach of our 6 year anniversary, show cohost and founder Matt G has vanished like Sherlock after Reichenbach Falls, pulling the plug and disappearing from both the online and interpersonal world, for the nonce.

Join us as we discuss this unusual situation and look towards where things may or may not go from here, in terms of the network christened after our reclusive compatriot, the archives for all four podcasts and at least the view on this show for the short term... Squiggly's, "movie" Reviews and our usual parade of perverts, clowns and attempts to keep up with our First Fuhrer's attempts to dismantle America and screw over both its own populace and constituency and in fact the entire Free World in as speedy and unchallenged a manner as possible...

As the Nina Hagen reference indicates, things may be about to get weird...

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