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Weird Scenes 12/14/16 - Into the Mouth of Madness with Klaus Kinski

December 15, 2016

“There is no great genius without some touch of madness,” Aristotle once penned, as quoted by Seneca.

And in no case does this aphorism greater apply than with respect to the inimitable Klaus Kinski.

Famed for his work with the similarly mad Teutonic filmmaker Werner Herzog (whose highly amusing relationship with was documented in My Best Fiend), Kinski had spent over a decade working in German Edgar Wallace krimis and Italian and Spanish “Spaghetti and Paella” Westerns before ever meeting Herzog…and would spend the better part of the next decade starring in ever quirkier Eurotica and US slasher film productions, while delivering bizarre spoken word performances where he’d work himself into a lather claiming he was Christ (!)

And then there’s All I Need is Love…

Join us as we stare into the Nietzchean abyss that is the life and career of Klaus Kinski!

Week 43

Into the Mouth of Madness with Klaus Kinski