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Weird Scenes 4/7/16 - Podcast of the Blind Dead -the films of Amando de Ossorio

April 7, 2016

In the short lived but much beloved Spanish horror scene, after Paul Naschy and perhaps the more internationally inclined Jesus Franco, one name stands out above all the others: Amando de Ossorio.

Starting off as a documentarian and veering off briefly into adult film, de Ossorio is known on these shores for quirky late night favorites Night of the Sorcerers, Fangs of the Living Dead and Demon Witch Child...but without a doubt, his most famed creation is those zombified agents of repression, those soullessly evil enemies of the living, the Knights Templar...better known as the Blind Dead.

Helming four films of fairly consistent quality and suffused with all the grim, fatalistic atmosphere the Iberian horror film is known for, de Ossorio would both share actors with and lose films to the aforementioned Naschy and Franco before terminating his decade and a half in cinema after one final disappointment...

Join us as we delve once more into the grim world of Spanish horror, and talk Amando de Ossorio!


Week 30 

Podcast of the Blind Dead - the films of Amando de Ossorio


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