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Weird Scenes 8/2/18: Week 51 - the OTHER career of William Shatner

August 2, 2018

A man of contradictions whose name's literal derivation is "from the shadows", yet is one of the most recognizable, well beloved cultural icons of our time.  A Canadian actor, nearly all of whose performances were both lensed and based in the States.  A "singer" whose recordings consist of hilariously bombastic theatrical spoken word readings...mostly of popular hits of the day.  A persona noted for his onscreen virility, despite spending the better part of same busting out of every suit he's seen in, right from the dawn of the 80's.

Beloved and mocked in equal measure by cultish fanboys and mainstream audiences alike, oft imitated but never paralleled, we could only be referring to one man: the legendary William Shatner (née Schattner).

In honor of these many, often glaring contradictions, we're going to completely avoid (or at least significantly gloss over) the role he's best known for in television and film, to talk his most interesting (and to hear him talk of it, desperate) era: the lean years prior to and between said role...when he did some of his greatest, and most absurdly entertaining, work in cult television and cinema.

So join us as we talk everything from Thriller, Incubus and Shame to Impulse, Kingdom of the Spiders, The Devils Rain and the Horror at 37,000 Feet, when we speak to the Shatner That Matters, only here on Weird Scenes!

Week 51 - Esperanto, Molestation, Spiders, Satan and the Klan - the "other" career of William Shatner (@weirdscenes1)

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