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Weird Scenes 5/2/19: Disreputable: the cult cinema of David Hemmings

May 2, 2019

With his sleepy eyed look and tousled blond locks, he came across as some amalgamation of Robert and Chris Mitchum...with more than a touch of Paul McCartney as a finisher. Generally strolling through films as oddly passive, even disinterested, he could flip to a crazed enervation unexpectedly, leading him to serve as the ultimate outsider figure: either failing to react or overreacting to the events onscreen, in turn.

Seldom a lead but always a presence, he effortlessly shifted from star boy soprano under famed modernist composer Benjamin Britten to child actor to that rarest of transitions: a popular adult career in cinema, as both actor and eventually director of film and television.

Having starred in a handful of the most celebrated films of our time (Blow Up, Deep Red, even the strangely popular Barbarella), he’d wind down his career working through increasingly obscure parts in nearly forgotten films across the UK and Italy, before making a long and successful end run in American television throughout the 80’s and 90’s, where most of his directorial work took place.

Join us as we discuss the genre oddities and decidedly quirky career of David Hemmings, only here on Weird Scenes!

Week 64: Disreputable: the cult cinema of David Hemmings (@weirdscenes1)

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