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Weird Scenes 8/16/18: Week 52 - Easy Ridin’ with Cap - the films of Peter Fonda

August 16, 2018

One of New York's own, scion of an acting dynasty that includes his famed father, controversial sister and indie film regular daughter, Peter Fonda walked a very different path from the man who raised him, in short order becoming the figurehead of a generation.

From an oddball pair of Roger Corman quickies that barely seemed to grasp the counterculture they centered on (and were ostensibly marketed towards), Peter Fonda took on the role of a lifetime in a film that was just as loose, wild and freely improvised as the spontaneous youth productions of the era, and yet more profound and incisive than any dozen deliberately crafted "arthouse" and "message" films.  

Following up with similarly "loaded" and relevant films that still adhere to and fall under the umbrella of cult and genre film of the era like Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry, the Last Movie and even Futureworld, Fonda would make a sideline in both rural action films and low key dramas throughout the 70's, appearing in cultier fare like Spasms and Certain Fury in the 80's and the arthouse cinema of the early 90's before one last gasp as Old Nick himself, in the Nicholas Cage Ghost Rider...

Join us as we talk the man who positively embodied the 60's and 70's, the one and only Peter Fonda, only here on Weird Scenes!

Week 52 - Easy Ridin' with Cap - the films of Peter Fonda (@weirdscenes1)

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