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Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine 10/15/15 - Who’s Next

October 15, 2015

Welcome to Season 2 of Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine - your essential guide to all things wild and wonderful in the world of cult entertainment!

Drop in for a spell, and join hosts "Doc" Savage and Louis Paul as we discuss the beloved, the hated, the weird and the wonderful world of cult film, music, television and more.

As ever, we'll be covering classic films, shows, musicians and literature of the past, with an eye towards what new visions may still arise from the soullessly derivative mire of our modern age.

Tune in, turn on and take a step outside the mainstream as we dig deep into the rich vein of cult cinema, music and television, right here on Weird Scenes inside the Goldmine!

First up, we're talking Who!

With one of us quite well versed in and oriented towards the Classic 1963-1989 Seven/Eight Doctor run  and the other more of a Newvian (i.e. a died in the wool Nine-Twelver), sparks are sure to fly, and opinions will certainly beg to differ!  And then there's the whole Bill Baggs and Big Finish audio sidelines to consider...

Hop in the Tardis and join the two Timelords as we sit in judgment and praise of one of the longest running and most beloved of science fiction (and pseudo-historical!) series ever aired.  We promise, it won't be in Old High Gallifreyan...

Week 12

Who's Next

Your hosts "Doc" Savage and Louis Paul

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